Empowering Lives:

From a Vision to the Drawing Board …… into Action and Reality.

The motivation for all Rinpoche’s activities is based on Buddha’s teaching that Sangha should create a field where good Karma is cultivated. The redevelopment of the Monastery is one example of these merit fields for the accumulation of merit, and to preserve and spread the Buddhadharma in these degenerate times. The buildings at the Monastery were declared unsafe after the 2011 earthquake. Only temporary shelters now house the teachers and children. With meticulous planning and the generosity of Rinpoche’s overseas students and benefactors, the redevelopment project started in October, 2013. For the past few years, Rinpoche has been continuously working together with the dedicated team made up of Sangha members, lay residents and experts from outside the Monastery. Implementing Rinpoche’s passion towards the green movement, all the new buildings have been constructed based on the concept of being ecologically friendly. The only materials used are soil, stones, and wood as in the traditional way. No cement, concrete, steel or chemical compounds are used. After visiting the Bhutan prison to teach Dharma and meditation to inmates, Rinpoche went one step further to offer a program for inmates to participate in rehabilitation work both physically and spiritually. With the support of the Royal Bhutan Police, qualified prisoners were chosen to help with the Monastery construction project where they can spend their prison sentence helping with Dharma work and get paid for their labor.

Teachers’ Residence

The Monastery redevelopment project will be implemented in several stages. To date, a new road leading to the Monastery has been paved, and the Teachers’ quarters has been completed. The rebuilding and restoration of the 465-year old temple is currently underway. A temporary shelter has been erected to protect and house the precious statues and paintings from the original temple until the new temple can be completed.

Rebuilding and restoration of the 465-year old Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery

A new school and dormitory for the children

It is Rinpoche’s vision and mission to provide a home for underpriviledged children and to establish an educational facility so that they can learn and build a solid foundation in Buddhism. The traditional monastic education will be intergrated with modern secular subjects such as English, Mathematics and other life skills to ensure that each child receives a well-rounded education while still grounded in the Buddhadharma. There are now 60 children at the Monastery aged from 5 to 25 years old, and more can be accepted once the new facilities are completed. It has been a struggle since funding is totally dependent on benefactors, but progress has been steady. We thank you again for your generous support!

Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo School in 2006

Established in September 2006 as a refuge for underprivileged children, Rinpoche raised funds to provide the most basic and essential requirements of toilets and kitchen facilities for the children. Construction work for these began in October 2006 but had to stop during the harsh winter months. The projects resumed in April 2007 and will be completed by end of the year.

Most unfortunately, further plans to build a dormitory and school for the children have stopped because of insufficient funds. There are now around 60 children at the School and they are currently temporarily housed at the temple for lack of a better shelter. With the generous support of benefactors and sponsors, Rinpoche hopes that a proper home and school will soon become available, thereby transforming his vision into reality. The new buildings will have 40 rooms and will be able to house 160 underprivileged children. The children thank you!

Existing Hostel for the children

Proposed Dormitory to house 160 children

Existing Kitchen

New Kitchen with modern cooking equipments in progress

Existing outdoor bathroom

New Toilet with modern amenities in progress

Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery

"The motivation for all my activities is based on Buddha's teaching that sangha should create a field where good karma is cultivated." Acting on this principle to generate opportunities for people to accumulate merit and to purify negative karma, Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche plans to preserve and redevelop Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The original buildings that were established in 1550 and later rebuilt in 1864 have fallen into disrepair. Rinpoche wishes to start the reconstruction of the monastery as soon as possible before they are destroyed with the passage of time. Besides preserving the important historic temples, Rinpoche hopes to add a third storey to the existing structure to house the extremely sacred and precious statues and relics of the monastery. Please help to save and preserve these irreplaceable precious treasures! Thank you for your kind generosity!

Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery

Indian workers leveling the ground at Monastery site

Seriously cracked and sinking walls

Rinpoche helping to repair the Monastery roof

Uneven floor at the main Monastery

Decaying Thousand Buddha Images on the Monastery wall

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