The motivation for all my activities is based on Buddha's teaching that sangha should create a field where good karma is cultivated. Acting on this principle to generate opportunities for people to accumulate merit and to purify negative karma, Rinpoche plans to preserve and redevelop Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery for the benefit of all sentient beings.


The 9th Reincarnation, Ngawang Sherdrup Chokyi Nyima

Since graduating as Professor of Buddhism, Rinpoche has been invited to give teachings, classes, and empowerments in different countries, and is a popular teacher because of his warm personality, sense of humour, compassion, and profoundness.

Besides preserving and spreading the Buddha Dharma, Rinpoche has tirelessly worked hands on with many Dharma projects. In the past year, Rinpoche established Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo School for underprivileged children, at times, he has had to drive 18 hours and walk 20 hours to bring orphaned children back to the monastery; he has worked side by side with construction workers to build toilets, bathroom and kitchen facilities for the children; and he has worked hand in hand with Heyphug villagers to pave a road to the monastery.

It is his sincere and humble wish to fulfill Guru Rinpoche's prophecy about Neyphug Trulku, that "even those connected to you on single occasions will all be led to my abode by you!"

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Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery

Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery was first built in 1550 and is the principle seat of the First Neyphug Trulku, Terton (Treasure Revealer) Ngawang Dragpa (1525-1599). He was the emanation of Acharya Yeshe Yang, one of the 25 Chief Disciples of Guru Rinpoche. In the 8th century, Guru RInpoche prophesized his rebirth as Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche, and personally selected and blessed the site for Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery for all the Neyphug Trulkus to come.

Accounts of Neyphug Thegchen Tsemo Monastery are presented under the following sections:

  1. Location and Establishment of Neyphug Monastery
  2. Biography of Neyphug Trulku
  3. Representations of Enlightened Body, Speech and Mind in the Monastery
  4. Turning the Dharma Wheel - Rituals conducted at Neyphug Monastery

  • We are seeking urgent support for 4 high priority projects
    • Rebuilding the dormitory for Teachers,Monks' quater, library and office click here.
    • Restoring the 465-year old paintings and artefacts click here.
    • Rebuilding and restoring the building structures of the main temple built in 1550 click here.
    • Rebuilding Zeyngo, a historical site obtained by the 4th Neyphug Trulku in the early 18 century click here.
    • Other fund raising project: 1000 Buddha statues project click here.
    • 21 April 2016 A fire broke out and totally gutted the 20 dormitories of the workers helping at the Monastery. Click here to see the damage.

  • 18 Sep 2011 – A 6.8 magnitude earthquake damages Neyphug Monastery
  • For a preliminary building damage report please click here.

  • For enquiries please contact us at clicking here.