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Prayer flags are offered to ensure that our prayers and dedications are continuous and unbroken even if there is no time to chant everyday. These will be hung at the sacred mountain of Bumree where 100,000 dakinis built the temple for the First Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche, and where he twice had visions of Guru Rinpoche who led him to the Copper-Colored Mountain of Zangdo Pelri, Guru Rinpoche's pureland.

Please indicate the name of the sponsor, the year of birth, and the choice of flags you wish to offer:

  • Guru Rinpoche for accumulation of merits
  • Tara for clearing obstacles for success
  • Wind Horse or Lung-Ta for business and career success
  • Longevity for extension of lifespan and clearing sickness
  • Chenresig for accumulation of merits especially for the deceased
  • Cost for a string of prayer flags S$20 - each.